Hi! I’m Maryann Welker and this is my furry  friend, Gertie! She helped me write both of  my children’s picture books: 

 “Did God Run Out Of Tails?”  


“The Bride and Groom Baboon” 

“The Bride and Groom Baboon” my most recent book, is a playful, rhyming story for kids ages 3-6 and the inspiration for my “Rhyme Time Workshop”… an in-class Workshop that teaches kids Pre-K and K how rhyming words are formed and  how to manipulate sounds to create rhyming words. Rhymers make good readers;  and the Workshop, which includes a reading of the “Baboon” Book, is both fun and educational for young readers! 

Rhyme Time Workshops are currently being scheduled for 2021!  

A review copy of

 “The Bride and Groom Baboon” 

 is now available as a Flip Book for Pre-K and K Teachers!

Teachers who are interested in: 

* SCHEDULING A “Rhyme Time Workshop” (In-Class $125.00)
* PURCHASING A HARD COPY OF THE BOOK ($20 teacher discount includes tax & shipping) 

 Contact me: storytellermare@gmail.com for a link to the Flip Book!   

 Happy Rhyme Time,  

 Maryann Welker